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Discover the thriving and diverse Belgian fashion market through an analysis, that explores over 100 Belgian fashion brands with over 1.000 followers on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

In the dynamic world of Belgian fashion brands in 2024, social performance takes center stage through their strategic use of social media. Beyond just showcasing chic designs, these brands leverage these platforms for fostering sustainability, ethical practices, and community engagement.

Explore a transformative year where Belgian fashion not only captivates with style but also pioneers positive change through its impactful presence on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

A taste of the insights?
You'll be able to download the full report, but we're already giving you some insights:

- The brand with most followers on Instagram is Delvaux

- The top 3 brands with the highest engagement rates are: 

         1. Arte 

         2. Bonk Cycling Club

         3. Valentine Witmeur Lab

- The top 3 accounts with the
most followers on TikTok are:

         1. Suspicious Antwerp

         2. Delvaux

         3. Garzini

About this report:

This report extensively analyzes brand followers on social media, revealing insights into their growth and engagement rates. It offers valuable perspectives on the evolving connections that brands establish with their audience on platforms on social media.

What else?

The report examines the details of follower growth, engagement metrics, and other relevant data, providing a nuanced understanding of the social media dynamics specific to the brands under analysis. Additionally, we'll delve into their presence on emerging platforms like TikTok, Pinterest and Instagram.

What can you do right now?
You want to see how the industry is evolving, and how each brand is scoring:
Download the report to receive all the information.