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Performance France 2024

Explore a transformative year in which French fashion not only captivates with style, but also pioneers positive change through its impactful presence on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

A taste of the results?
You'll be able to download the full report, but we're already giving you a few glimpses:

- The brand with the most followers on Instagram is Sézane

- The top 3 brands with the highest engagement rates are: 

          1. Maison Rabih Kayrouz
         2. Stalactite
         3. Les Noeuds De Maman

- The 3 most followed accounts on TikTok are
the most followers on TikTok are :

         1. Dior
        2. Sézane
        3. Rouje

About this report:

This report takes an in-depth look at brands' followers on social media, revealing insights into their growth and engagement rates. It offers valuable insights into the evolving connections brands are making with their audiences on social media platforms.

What else is new?

The report examines details of follower growth, engagement metrics and other relevant data, providing a nuanced understanding of the social media dynamics specific to the brands analyzed. In addition, we'll look at their presence on emerging platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest and Instagram. 

What can you do right now?
Want to know how the sector is evolving and how each brand is positioning itself?
Download the report to receive all the information.